Monday, June 18, 2012

Return of the King!

In my humble opinion, "King" Louie "Loomis" Bankston is the greatest living songwriter in all of rock n' roll. The man's already written my favorite song of this century ("Gypsy Switch") plus a few more that are modern classics in my book. Last year's debut LP by his Missing Monuments was a five-star blend of candy-coated power pop and deep-fried Cajun rock n' roll. It could have passed for a greatest hits collection! I picked "Victory Lap" as my runner-up for song of the year. And at this point in 2012, brand-new jam "(I'm Gonna) Love You Back To Life" is far and away my favorite song of the year. It's set for a vinyl release next month on HoZac, but it debuted a few weeks back as a music video directed by Art Boonparn. It's so good. Seriously, this might be the best song that Loomis has written to date! This tune has everything: a great riff, a melody that you'll be whistling all day, well-placed oohs and ahhs, a memorable hook, a ripping guitar solo, and a cool, abrupt ending. And the video, well, it's something else! What could be better than bikini girls and muffulettas? How about bikini girls eating muffulettas?! And not one but two Flying V's? Now that's rock n' roll! If this song and "Another Girl" are any indication, Missing Monuments are somehow getting better - as if they weren't a completely phenomenal band already! Keep your eyes peeled for the new 7". And for now, enjoy the video!


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Unknown said...

The video for "Another Girl" went live today, produced by Flatland Productions. If you haven't already, check it out!