Thursday, November 04, 2021

Hayley and the Crushers - "Click and Act Now!"

It's always a great day when new music from Hayley and the Crushers arrives! "Click and Act Now!" is the Crushers' third single this year on Josie Cotton's Kitten Robot Records. What I love about this band is that you never know exactly what you're going to get. Just this year alone, the Crushers have given us a wonderful variety of tunes. "Cul-De-Sac" was a moody, haunting reflection on the silent suffering of mid-century housewives. "She Drives" was upbeat new wave pop with a serious message about the futility of trying to outrun your problems. And now with "Click and Act Now!", the band has cooked up an homage to classic East Bay punk rock that doubles as satire on commercialism. This is the Crushers' most straight-forward punk tune in a while, and it's an absolute blast! It's fun and high-spirited. but as always Hayley Cain offers up lyrics that have something meaningful to say about society. And while these lyrics specifically reference the heyday of late night infomercials, the sentiment rings just as true in the age of streaming: advertisers will aim straight for your insecurities to make a buck. There's an awesome backstory to this song about Dr. Cain first hearing Operation Ivy when he was 16. I can so easily visualize him sitting there with his friend drinking beer and cranking that tape on repeat! Many of us have our own "wow" moments of first encountering Op Ivy. Like the recent single "Church of Flag", "Click and Act Now!" is a delightful reminder of what it was like to be a young punk rocker discovering a life-changing band! And now I'm literally imploring you to click and act now -- but it will cost you considerably less than five easy payments of $19.99!

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