Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Unknowns - "Monster Mash"

What's this: a second Halloween-themed review from a blog that purports to not care for anything horror related? Why yes! The Unknowns out of Sunshine Coast, Australia have just released a 7" featuring their ultra-primitive rendition of the Bobby "Boris" Pickett classic "Monster Mash". Whether you're a horror nut or just a fan of savage garage rock and roll, you ought to get a kick out of this single. I'm notoriously put off by the way the term "garage" is thrown around these days to describe countless hipster rock bands that have nothing to do with garage rock or rock and roll in general. Well let me tell you: The Unknowns are a real deal garage punk band! This trio plays raw and wild rock and roll influenced by o.g. garage rock and early punk. This version of "Monster Mash" will just about set your hair on fire! In the process of looking into "Monster Mash", I dug into the band's most recent album Nothing Will Ever Stop. And all I have to say is holy shit! I am embarrassed that The Unknowns have just now become known to me. Kudos to Add To Wantlist (the best music site out there) for tipping me off!

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