Saturday, May 08, 2021

Poison Suckers - self titled 7"


With me notoriously being a geek for Canadian punk rock, it always bothered me that I never really had a favorite punk band from Winnipeg. Then I got turned on to The Sorels, and it was all settled. Now with the arrival of Poison Suckers, I can say I have two favorite bands from Winnipeg! And there's a connection: Poison Suckers are Joanne from The Sorels and her husband Joe from Fashion Bathers, Shitbots, etc. With this band, you get cool elements from both of these formidable talents. Poison Suckers don't really sound like any of the aforementioned bands, but in listening to the duo's debut EP you can totally sense Joanne's love for girl groups and dirty glam rock and Joe's fondness for blown-out lo-fi garage punk. Put it all together, and you've got a marriage made in heaven! Out now on Transistor 66 (on slime green vinyl, no less!), the four-song debut from Poison Suckers is an absolute treat for lovers of budget rock. It's super lo-fi, but not in a shitty way. You could probably pass these songs off as the work of some forgotten garage band from 55 years ago! "Grain Alcohol" and "You Like Me" conjure some old school girl group magic with a rawness and budget fidelity that serve the songs completely. On "Take My Time", the band tears into some down and dirty, riff-driven rock and roll featuring a powerhouse vocal from Joanne. And speaking of powerhouse vocals, Joanne brings it full force on the MC5-inspired scorcher "Stick Up"! If you like trashy rock and roll with soul, guts, and brilliant songwriting, you've got yourself a brand-new must-have record to chase down!

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