Friday, May 07, 2021

Los Pepes - "I Want You Back"

If you need a jolt of sonic energy to wake you up or liven up your day, the new single from Los Pepes ought to do the trick! "I Want You Back" is available now in digital form and will be releasing on vinyl May 14th via Black Wax Noise Division. And for this release, Los Pepes are not fooling around! These tracks are vintage Los Pepes -- kicking up a veritable tornado of punk rock, power pop, and balls-out rock and roll. This is all ripping guitars, smashing drums, and racing melodies. The energy level is an 11 out of 10. But even amidst all the speed and fury, the hooks still stand out. The band has released music videos for "I Want You Back" and "Never Get It Right" -- both of which will give you a little taste of the crackling Los Pepes live experience. "Tell Me" is a little more on the power pop side of things with the emphasis on the power. This is my first time writing about Los Pepes since September of 2019. I've gotta say the band is sounding as good as ever! If you like loud pop that rocks, "I Want You Back" is guaranteed to please. These gentlemen will be returning to the stage at the end of this month, and you know they're itching to melt some faces. Locals be ready!

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