Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More from Crazy & The Brains!

About  a year ago, I wrote a rave review of the latest album from Crazy & The Brains. Now I'm going to review the band's follow-up single, and you can probably deduce that high praise is in order. Of course! "Brain Freeze" seems to be kind of a sequel to the album hit "Ice Cream" - except it might be even catchier! Really! Give it a listen, and both the melody and the chorus will be running through your head all day long! And while Crazy & The Brains are a perfect example of the kind of music I enjoy, they don't really sound like any other band I've written about before. Seriously: who else out there is doing xylophone-driven poppy punk party rock with harmonies recalling pre British Invasion rock n' roll? As their Baldy Longhair bio hilariously puts it, these guys are "the Atlanta of New Jersey"!

Like "Brain Freeze", B-side "Good Boy" is catchy as hell and bound to leave you wanting more. It's probably my favorite Crazy & The Brains song to date - a pure rush of pop/punk adrenaline crackling with the spirit of golden oldies rock n' roll. This is definitely one of those cases where the B-side is so good that it could have been a single in its own right.

The "Brain Freeze" single is available in the U.S. from Baldy Longhair Records, in the U.K. and Europe from Glunk Records, and in Canada from Chisel Records. The 7" comes in three varieties: yellow vinyl, black vinyl, and purple vinyl with yellow splatter. Cassettes are green, super limited, and include 6 bonus tracks. Get your mitts on this single if you enjoy quality music!


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