Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Meet Aerosol Burns!

As you may have gathered from my sudden infrequency of posts, I am knee-deep in a new semester at school on top of a day job. But I wanted to pop in with a quick review of a new single that each and every one one of you needs to hear. Seriously: if you don't like Aerosol Burns, there's something wrong with you.

Aerosol Burns are the latest creation from Chris Parker - the guitarist/songwriter for Chain Letters and proprietor of Pogo Time Records. Aerosol Burns are comprised of two members of Chain Letters (Parker and drummer Violet X) along with longtime F & L favorite Matt Mayhem (No Tomorrow Boys, The Furies, Young People With Faces) on bass and lead vocals. Needless to say, Aerosol Burns are very similar to Chain Letters. Think catchy as hell poppy punk rock with some real balls to it. If there's a slight difference, it's that Aerosol Burns swap out some of the early L.A. punk influence in favor of a more straight-ahead late '70s power pop punk sound. On the band's debut single, Parker's guitar tone is recognizable right off the bat. Although these are only the third and fourth songs he's ever released, he has totally mastered the buzz-saw guitar sound and minimalist songwriting that made first generation punk music so timeless. "Afraid of the Phone" also benefits from a knockout lead vocal courtesy of Mr. Mayhem. Fans of Buzzcocks, Pointed Sticks, etc. should be very excited to check out this second release from Pogo Time Records! And be on the lookout for another Chain Letters 45 due out later this year!


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Michl said...

A European press of this 7" is coming up on Taken By Surprise Records soon with screenprinted sleeves!