Thursday, February 4, 2016

Keeping up with Nasty Rumors!

It's been over a year since I first reviewed Bern, Switzerland's Nasty Rumors. Having released three more singles since then (including two brand-new ones), this group is rapidly climbing my list of favorite present day bands! Nasty Rumors hit my sweet spot in terms of their sound: English style '77 punk with a considerable power pop influence. And their two new singles are their best releases yet! "Dilemma" is out on Germany's Wanda Records and teams a punchy title track with a B-side that brings to mind The Boys or even current label mates Los Pepes. "All Alone" was just released by No Front Teeth Records and hearkens back to the anthemic Brit-punk of The Clash, Professionals, and Chelsea. It goes without saying that you need both of these singles! If you're a collector type, there are regular & limited versions of both seven-inches still available from Nasty Rumors' Bandcamp. If you're not a collector but love old school punk with melody, I highly recommend downloading all four of the band's singles immediately! Will we soon be a getting a full album from Nasty Rumors? I sure hope so! 


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