Thursday, February 25, 2016

Introducing The Graffiti Crimes!

Hey! I've got a good one for you to close out the month! The Graffiti Crimes are a newer band out of Toronto that you're surely going to be hearing about a lot over the next few months. "Favourite Loser" is their debut on-line single, and it's a terrific collision of punk rock, power pop, and straight-up rock n' roll. Almost from the instant I pushed play, I knew I was going to dig this song. It's a stone cold hit! Clearly this band knows how to write a killer tune, and Becca Chambers sounds like a formidable talent on lead vocals. Check "Favourite Loser" out for yourself and stay tuned for more from The Graffiti Crimes. Thanks to Greg Mongroll for the hot tip on this band!


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