Thursday, August 18, 2022

Rad Max - "Extraterrestrial Radio"

Rad Max is a band that always puts a smile on my face. No matter how depressing this world gets, it's impossible to not feel good when a Rad Max song is playing. The Portland-based new wave foursome is a ray of sunshine in today's music scene, and new single "Extraterrestrial Radio" is a perfect example of that. While there are numerous '80s pop culture references in the cover art and lyrics, this is probably Rad Max's most "contemporary" song yet. It's a heartfelt tribute to independent radio stations and the DJs who support all of those underground bands we love so dearly. It's also an astute commentary on the soulless nature of modern-day corporate radio. Check out these lyrics:

I don't heart your radio/
You've got your algo in my rhythm/
Give me music by aliens/
So I can rock out with 'em

Did they hit the nail on the head, or what? I love the metaphor of this whole big beautiful underground music scene of ours being a community of aliens. And in typical Rad Max style, "Extraterrestrial Radio" radiates a special kind of energy that will have you dancing and singing along in no time flat. The song is available now from all the streaming sites. And if you listen to a lot of independent and underground radio, you'll surely hear it in regular rotation. Indeed, give me music by aliens!

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