Monday, August 19, 2019

Johnathan Pushkar - "Isabella"

It's been only a little over a month since the legendary JEM Records signed up-and-coming power pop sensation Johnathan Pushkar and released the underground smash single "The Girl Next Door". In advance of Pushkar's forthcoming debut album Straighten Up (due out September 27th), another single called "Isabella" has arrived. What "Isabella" makes clear is that "The Girl Next Door" was no fluke! Johnathan Pushkar is the real deal - a natural born pop craftsman with a flair for melody and a knowledge of music history far more thorough than you might expect from any 23-year-old. The music video for "Isabella" (embedded below) really does a fine job of conveying what Johnathan Pushkar is all about. This guy is a true believer in the timeless art of the three-minute pop song. And in these times of cynicism and casual hookups, he's proving that there's still room in this world for us romantics! There's an innocence and genuine sweetness to his persona that seem to come from another time. Yet these qualities don't seem outdated so much as they seem worthy of resurgence. Let someone else reinvent the wheel. Meanwhile, Johnathan Pushkar will set out to craft perfect melodies and write lyrics that give us the warm fuzzies. Just wait until you hear the full album!


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