Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New tune from Bullet Proof Lovers!

So the blog has been pretty quiet lately due to me being consumed by summer courses at school. I ought to be back to more regular posting by early August. In the meantime, here's a killer track for you to check out! I first reported on San Sebastián, Spain's Bullet Proof Lovers last summer. These guys do THE BEST mix of power pop and hook-laden arena rock, and they're sounding better than ever on this new tune. Yes, that's the great Kurt Baker on lead vocals...backed by Luiyi Costa (Txorlitohead, Lolas Club), Joseba Arza (Brigada Criminal, Señor No, Ladislao), Gonzalo Ibañez (Nuevo Catecismo Católico, La Perrera), and Juan Irazu (Discipulos de Dionisos, Gran Yate Especial). "I Am My Radio" is a teaser for the band's forthcoming LP Shot Through The Heart - which will be a joint release between Rum Bar Records and Spain's Ghost Highway Recordings. If this song is any indication of what to expect from the album, it's gonna be hot! Fans of loud guitars, huge hooks, and the unmistakable voice of Kurt Baker ought to press play and enjoy!


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