Monday, January 04, 2016

Unfinished Buiness: Slow Faction

2015 was another fantastic year for punk rock, garage, and power pop music. And I only covered a small fraction of it! I'm deeply embarrassed that I missed so many amazing releases last year. So my first order of business for 2016 is to try and catch up on a lot of stuff I should have reviewed in 2015. First up is London's Slow Faction - true heirs to The Clash in both a musical and lyrical sense. Having already released an album and an EP in 2014, Slow Faction followed up with an outstanding two-song demo this past May. The songs are titled "Under Heavy Manners" and "In God's Name", and the sound is classic '77 style U.K. punk. Think anthemic & hook-laden punk rock with a powerful political message. That, my friends, is my kind of music! After hearing Slow Faction, you will surely be wondering why I haven't been all over this band for the past two years. I wish I had a good answer for that! Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Hey Lord, you should check out these guyz...

You will thank me later. Fukdust4!