Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Sensibles bring the pop!

Alright! Let's meet my favorite new band of 2012! Ok, they're not exactly "new". They've actually been around since 2009. But they're new to me. And their debut 7-inch is still hot off the presses. I suppose that's close enough! Hailing from Milan, Italy, The Sensibles sound exactly like the kind of band you'd expect me to be crazy about. You know how I am about bubblegum punk and girl-fronted power pop. And this band offers an infectious and winning take on these styles. I'm talking top shelf. Imagine if the Beatnik Termites had a female singer, and they were Italian. Needless to say, I was won over within 15 seconds of the first song!

Buoyed by bright, propulsive guitars and Stella's bubby vocals, The Sensibles have got a fun, high energy sound that transports me straight to my happy place. The self-titled EP offers up four songs that are short and sweet (literally!), with melodies that will thankfully be stuck in my head all day. I'm having a hard time picking a standout track, because all four are exuberant blasts of aural sunshine. And those hooks are relentless. When it comes to this kind of music, it just seems like Europeans (especially Italians) really "get" it. Pop music is in their blood. Naturally I've been busy digging into the rest of this band's recorded output (a demo from last year plus four tracks off a four-way split disc). But nonetheless I'm still dying to hear more. Where has this band been all my life? Muffs and Unlovables fans, take note!




Ice Cream Man said...

I have recently featured The Sensibles on my blog and I have to agree with your sentiments completely, brilliant band and really looking forward to a long player from them in the near future!

Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!

Anonymous said...

hey lord,
have you heard The Splits outta Finland yet?



two LP songs:


great blog with great music recommendations, lord.


Lord Rutledge said...

I have not heard The Splits, but I will check them out right away! Thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

hallo hallo Lord!

hope you've liked the Splits. i needed some time, but then the hooks came out of nowhere and totally floored me.

another band from Finland, i think they share a member with da Splits.


anyways, thank you so much for your blog, heard so many cool bands by reading it.

Lord Rutledge said...

Splits are really cool! Excellent band I'm looking forward to writing about. Thanks for the tip! I love First Times! I did a post on them back in June. One of my favorites for this year.