Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Pegs KILL it!

Hey, folks! I got a good one for 'ya today! Up there with the all-time greats (The Crowd, Adolescents) and the best of their contemporary antecedents (Smogtown, Bonecrusher), The Pegs play classic surf-inflected Orange County hardcore. If you’re not yet familiar with this San Clemente five-piece, you’re missing out on one of the best current day punk bands. Together for a decade now, The Pegs have put out a bunch of seven-inches on world-renowned labels like Hostage and No Front Teeth Records. If you’re into streaming tunes on social networking sites like I am, there are some absolutely scorching Pegs songs playable on their ReverbNation and Myspace pages! “Livin’ at the Surf Motel”, “3 O’Clock Stop”, “Robot Romance”,  and “This Town” would not sound out of place on any compilation of O.C. punk classics - regardless of whether it was released in 1980, 2005, or any time in between. These dudes play it fast and furious, oozing attitude and coming hard with sing-along choruses and ripping guitar leads. Any way you slice it, this is just a great fucking band. Their sound is tight and powerful and ferocious like a pit bull - while exhibiting that knack for melody that seems to be hard-wired into every southern Californian’s DNA. Anyone who claims that today’s punk can’t possibly compare to “the old stuff” has obviously never heard The Pegs. Tune in. Play loud. Go nuts!

- L.R.



Greg said...

Loved this band since I got their first 45 years ago. Now there's talk of The Mongrolls doing a split 45 and/or 10" with them. Looks like I gotta sell a lot of records to make that happen. Stay tuned!

Lord Rutledge said...

Holy cow! A Pegs/Mongrolls split? Now THAT would be epic!

Greg said...

That would be epic!