Sunday, February 2, 2020

Justine and the Unclean - "Picking A Fight"

I've been a big fan of Boston foursome Justine and the Unclean going back to the summer of 2017, and today it's my pleasure to feature a teaser single for a new album due out this May. Those of you wishing for more tales of relationships in conflict and men behaving badly are in for a real treat! What I enjoy about this particular single is that shows both sides of the band. "Picking A Fight" is a perfect shot of the band's signature rocking poppy punk. "Sweet Denial", on the other hand, flexes those AOR/hard rock muscles that really came into bloom on the last EP Heartaches and Hot Problems. "Picking A Fight" is a fine example of how to do punk-pop that genuinely kicks ass. The guitars punch, the drums slam, and the tempo is pushed to the brink. Justine not only has a one of a kind voice, but she also can write a catchy hook like nobody's business. What a tune! "Sweet Denial" slows the pace and goes for a heavier sound. Dave Minehan gives this track a massive production, which fits the song perfectly. I love the contrast between the thundering riffs and that melodic, bittersweet chorus. And man, that guitar solo will just about shake your walls! The forthcoming album is titled Every Bone that Breaks, and you can bet it's gonna be something special. Stay tuned to the Rum Bar Records Facebook page for updates on this and many more new releases coming out on the label. Seriously: Lou's putting out music way faster than I can keep up with all of it!


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Johnny Jetson said...

Great review, great band!