Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wild Wings - Showbizzz

Wild Wings, northeastern Ohio's reigning champions of psychedelic, art-damaged, post-apocalyptic space punk, are back with their second full-length album. Showbizzz is the band's first release since 2015's World War Wild Wings, and it's nothing short of a tour de force. Over the course of a full album and sometimes just a single track, Wild Wings can fluctuate between spastic thrash, thundering grunge, bruising noise rock, archetypal Midwestern punk, and way out-there sonic experimentation. A laboratory analysis of Wild Wings' musical DNA would reveal ancestral connections to everyone from Chrome to Blue Cheer to The Pagans to Sonic Youth to Hawkwind to Devo to Black Flag. You'd have to travel six galaxies over to find anything close to a comparable band, and what's even better is that all of this genuinely works! Singer/guitarist Kenny Halbert's compositions are full of unique ideas and unconventional turns, yet every song is brilliantly constructed and perfectly executed. Every risk brings a reward. And even with all of the avant garde tendencies, this is still very much a punk rock record in every way that really matters. Really, this album had me with the opening song title "Hamburger Ice Cream". I'd order that flavor any day of the week! But it only gets better from there. "Failed Design For Living" is the sonic experience of the year: like what would happen if you were listening to a long-lost Killed By Death cut, and an alien species suddenly broke in with a ten-minute transmission from a quadrillion light years away. This is just one of those albums that will have going from "What the fuck IS this?" to "This is the best thing ever!" in very short order. Grab some headphones, load up on your mind-altering substance of choice, and prepare yourself for a musical trip to an unknown dimension (or Youngstown, Ohio...same difference). Showbizzz is available on CD and cassette, and you can order it here


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