Tuesday, April 17, 2018

ANMLS - self titled LP

Man, there's nothing that gets the blood flowing quite like a great hardcore punk long player! It has been a good while since I've heard a hardcore record as thrillingly ripping as the 10-song debut from Santiago, Chile's ANMLS. Straight-up, this album hits you in the mouth. And I LOVE it! These guys are clearly huge fans of Black Flag - both the early ("No Quiero Estar Contigo", "Vamonos de la Ciudad") and later ("Instrumental", "Mierda") eras. But there's a lot more to ANMLS than that. "Canto en el Infierno" and "Pacos" integrate surfy SoCal punk influences, while "Odio" brings to mind the darker melodic strains of modern-day Scandinavian hardcore. Any way you shake it, this an absolute monster of a record. The tunes are killer, and the band powers through each one with a ferocity that's off the charts. And with mastering by the almighty Tim Warren, you know this thing is primed to test the capacities of your volume knob! All of the lyrics are in Spanish - largely delivered in the gang vocal style. Does having no idea what they're saying lessen my enjoyment? Not in the slightest! A co-release between Slovenly Recordings and Algo Records, this debut from ANMLS is an essential purchase for fans of old school hardcore, fast n' tough garage-punk, political dissent, and all of the above. A+!



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Müllie said...

Whoaaahh, this is ... YEAH! Great!