Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Jeanies single!

We've definitely entered a new golden age for power pop, and The Jeanies are right in the thick of it. My review of the band's debut album remains one of the most warmly received F & L posts ever. Time and time again, people have told me how much they love that record. It goes without saying that I feel the same way. I've been known to include "I Think You're The Wrong One" and "Gotta Get Back To Judy" in my mixes of classic power pop songs. And before any of us even had the chance to get antsy for new Jeanies material, the Brooklyn foursome has delivered a new single that does not disappoint!

With "Amilee" and "Bad Side", The Jeanies pick up right where they left off on their LP. Again, it's all about ringing melodies and beautifully-crafted songs in a timeless style. "Amilee" is what you might call "vintage Jeanies". Think Phil Seymour meets 20/20 - with guitars teetering between melodious jangle and full-on boogie. The main hook is simple yet so utterly perfect. And that guitar solo totally knocks me out! After just one listen, you'll be whistling this tune all day. "Bad Side" is as pristine as pop gets - sounding like a lost Big Star gem from 1972. The melody is absolutely gorgeous - as are the vocals. It's becoming clear that Joey Farber is far more than a mere disciple of the power pop greats of yore. He's a tremendously talented singer and songwriter in his own right.

In a cool touch, The Jeanies have added an early acoustic demo of "Amilee" to this release. It's really neat to hear how the song started out and compare that to how it ended up. This is a fascinating glimpse into the process of perfecting a great pop song.

While The Jeanies set awfully high expectations with their debut LP, this new single meets or perhaps even exceeds them. If you like power pop, "Amilee" has got to be in your music collection.



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