Monday, June 15, 2015

Mandates + Mother's Children = YEAH!

When I heard that Mandates and Mother's Children were doing a record together, I absolutely couldn't wait for it to come out! A Mandates/Mother's Children split struck me as an incredibly great idea. Here you've got two of the best bands out there - friends, tour mates, and leading players in a Canadian punk/powerpop scene that's been setting the world on fire the last few years. Really, the only way this collaboration could have failed would have been if the bands had contributed sub-par material. But come on: did you really think Taken By Surprise Records was going to sign off on a release that wasn't absolutely killer?! On the heels of a recently completed Mandates/Mother's Children European tour, TBSR presents a vinyl team-up of these two superb bands. Each group contributes an A-side caliber slice of power poppin' rock n' roll goodness. If you're a fan of one or both of these bands, you will not be disappointed. And if for some reason you're not familiar with these fine Canadian outfits, this split serves as a perfect introduction to what they're all about. Warning: this is highly addictive music. Be prepared to go buy everything that Mandates and Mother's Children have ever recorded!

This split is a power pop lover's dream. Both songs come in well under three minutes. Mandates are up first with "Sycophantic Romantic" - which mixes the bigger, tighter sound of the band's new album with a revved-up rock n' roll style that's pure thrills. This number is vintage Mandates - with guitars punched up all the way and hooks at every turn. Right on! Mother's Children follow with "No Rules", which could easily pass for some long-lost power pop rocker from the late '70s. With its hot leads, snappy beat, and infectious chorus, this song fully captures the spirit of adolescent fun. It'll make you wanna get in a car with a bunch of your friends and drive way too fast with the music cranked!

Having waited a full year to hear a new recording from one of my favorite bands, I'm 100 percent delighted with "No Rules". What an awesome song! I can't quite say that Mother's Children "won" this split, but that's only because the Mandates' half is equally great. Let's just call it a tie and proclaim the fans the true winners!


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