Thursday, June 18, 2015

Blank Pages: the final single

While Berlin's Blank Pages recently announced their decision to break up, at least they are going out on a high note. No Reception is their third and final 7", and it's absolutely fantastic. Both the title track and B-side "Golden Chains" bring more of that dark melodic punk you've come to expect from this band. The frequent comparisons to Red Dons or Marked Men with a Wipers influence are very on-point, and there's also a discernible feel of early '80s post-punk permeating this release. I'm notoriously finicky when it comes to "darker" music, but this record won me over easily. It's very typical of what's so good about the modern punk of recent years, yet at the same time these songs would slide seamlessly onto a mix with, say, Joy Division or The Chameleons. The tone is chillingly beautiful, and the hooks will surprise you. Miscalculations fans will definitely want to take note.

Picking up where the band's lone LP left off, No Reception is a fully triumphant farewell. Get it from Hardware Records in Europe and Dirt Cult Records  in the United States.


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