Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, Pale Lips!

Not too long ago, I proclaimed Fashionism my favorite new band of 2015. But now I might have to change my mind - or at least call it a tie! Montreal's Pale Lips recently released a debut 7" called Got A Sweet Tooth. It's out on No Front Teeth Records - one of the best labels out there. Good god, I love this record! And it goes without saying that it lives up to its title!

Pale Lips sound like Nikki and the Corvettes ransacking a candy store. They describe their music as "drippy mascara-slopped rock n roll with sprinkles". Seriously: what's not to love about that?! If you're into the bubblegum punk/power pop/garage thing like I am, Got A Sweet Tooth is the treat you need! "Candy Song" is the ultimate ode to the sweet things in life, while the punkier "Sweet Dreams" imbues a sonic sugar rush with far darker ruminations (catchiest sing-along of the year: "I'm dreaming/Of killing you"). "Soda Kat" marries the two primary themes of Pale Lips' music: tasty treats and cute boys. It's hard to pick a standout track because all three could have been "the hit". I really dig the late '50s/early '60s feel of these songs, and the production is perfectly lo-fi. It's nice to hear a garage band that actually sounds like it records in a garage! I don't think it's humanly possible to make a record any more fun than this one. The brilliance/cleverness of their lyrics really set Pale Lips apart from a lot of similar bands. You wonder: can they keep coming up with these great ideas for songs? I don't doubt it for a second!

Once you finish enjoying Pale Lips' debut 7", be sure to check out their equally great demo tracks - which can be streamed free over at Bandcamp! If you long for the days when Darin Raffaelli was producing classic budget rock singles for the Bobbyteens and Donnas, "Rock n'Roll Dipshit" just might be your new favorite song!


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