Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Meet Devious Ones!

If I ever get to make a TV show out of this blog, I think I've found my theme music! The song is called "Stylus To Speaker", and it's from a cool new band out of Detroit called Devious Ones. The lineup is Eric Villa on vocals, Daniel Boustany (Final Assault) on bass, Amado Guadarrama (Bump-N-Uglies, Bill Bondsmen) on guitar, and Dougie Tangent (The Putz) on drums. If you head on over to Devious Ones' Bandcamp, you'll see that the lyrics for "Stylus To Speaker" are prominently displayed. And that's important, because this song is a celebration of all those records we love and how they make our lives better. There are few things in life cooler than dropping the needle on a favorite LP, and I love how these guys articulate that joy on this killer track. With lyrical nods to the Dictators, New York Dolls, Husker Du, and U.K. Subs, there's little doubt where these guys are coming from. They also follow an important rule of mine: if you're going to write an homage to music you love, you better come strong! No one wants to pull a Bob Seger and write a song about rock n' roll that's actually kinda lame.

With its punchy guitars and infectious central melody, "Stylus To Speaker" is by all means a fitting tribute to the punk and power pop greats of yore. And having quickly gained a reputation as a show-stealing live act, Devious Ones are surely a band you'll be hearing a lot about in the coming months. You can check out a couple more tracks over at Dougie's SoundCloud, and be sure to include "Stylus To Speaker" on any summer mix you compile this year. Yeah, I know it's not even spring yet. But let's think positive! 



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Great song, great blog. Thanks!