Sunday, January 27, 2013


Where do I send records/CDs for review?
As a policy, I do not ask for unsolicited review material. I prefer to write about music I've bought or streamed on-line and genuinely enjoy. When I first started doing zines, I only reviewed music that I liked. It was a labor of love. In my old age, I've returned to that philosophy. I am a fan, not a "critic". I will never again write a negative word about a piece of music that people have invested time, effort, and money into putting into the world.

Today's punk music is full of diversity and creativity. Why do you limit your coverage to only a few sub-genres?
Because I'm not really smart enough to write about anything beyond three chords. The '77 punk/power pop thing has been my niche since the mid-'90s. It's what I'm known for. This is the music I write about, but it's not the only thing I listen to.

What do you listen to when you're not listening to punk?
I'm a huge fan of early '70s soul music. I'm into new wave and post-punk. I love early AC/DC and Springsteen. I dig oldies and classic rock. I enjoy traditional country. I have a soft spot for '70s AM gold. I think "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga is pure genius.

Why don't the kids "get it"?
I no longer wish to make my name bashing the younger generations' musical tastes. Ageism is stupid. I think people should be able to listen to the music that makes them happy without catching grief for it. It used to bother me that my generation was the last to embrace rock n' roll on a mass level. But times change, and music changes. Hell, punk rock would not even exist if a new generation hadn't taken a buzzsaw to "traditional" rock n' roll. 

Wit or Witout?
Wit. My cheesesteak order always includes onions and Whiz. If I'm feeling frisky, I'll get hot peppers too. 

Who's your favorite band of all-time?
The Clash

Who's your favorite band now?
Something Fierce

Who's your favorite band to see live?
I don't see any bands live. I spend my evenings lifting weights and watching hockey.

Did you name your blog after the Dictators song?

Why don't you like Talking Heads?
The answer is a mystery even to me.

What bad review do you most regret writing?
Daggers- Lock Up Your Daughters

Why don't you do band interviews? 
Because they're too much work. Blogging should be fun.

Are you really writing a novel?
Yes. It's called The Reduction. It was originally conceived as a dystopian novel. But at the rate I'm going, when it finally comes out I'll have to classify it as historical fiction.

What happened to all your old Now Wave writings?
They have been lost to history. That's probably a good thing.

Have you ever been in bands?
Yes, and I was terrible at it. I'll leave the music to the people with the talent for it.

Are you really afraid of clowns?
Not really. Mimes, on the other hand, terrify me.

What's the best Ramones album?
Self-titled. It's not just the best Ramones album but also the best album ever made by any band. 

How big is your record collection?
I own The Dimestore Haloes' Thrill City Crime Control on pink vinyl and the "Spike" 7" by Jake and the Stiffs. That's pretty much it besides a few items I reviewed last year. The rest of my collection was either taken without my permission or sold off when I bought my house. These days I mostly download.


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Javier Iglesias said...

Thank's for the interview, i like it a lot !!!!, specially when you say: "I only reviewed music that I liked. It was a labor of love. In my old age, I've returned to that philosophy. I am a fan, not a "critic".
I surprise me when I read that you enjoy traditional country. I love Punk-Rock and New-Wave/Power-Pop, but i also like americana, bands like: Drive by Truckers, Marah, Cracker, Richtmond Fontaine, The Dexateens, Lucero, The Jayhawks, ..... so don't you ever think about make a review of Countrty/Americana bands ? at least 1 review every 2 months or something like that ?
Many greetings from Spain and Keep on Rockin' !!!!