Sunday, May 19, 2024

Kevin McGovern - "Don​’​t Wanna Be You"

My history of writing about Kevin McGovern's music dates back to 1995 and covers several musical entities. Yet I've never had the pleasure of discussing something he released under his own name — until today. It seems funny to say this, but "Don't Wanna Be You" is his first-ever proper solo release. Even though many of the more recent Prostitutes releases were essentially Kevin's work, "Don't Wanna Be You" feels like a new chapter for him. Sure, it's not that far-removed from The Prostitutes, and that voice would be instantly recognizable even if Kevin were fronting a polka band. But without a band name attached, Kevin is free to represent where he's at in 2024. This is probably the punkiest thing he's done in a number of years, yet there's a freshness and progressive boldness to it that separates it from previous releases he has worked on. More than anything else, this sounds like Kevin McGovern — an artist with a distinctive style who has nonetheless never allowed himself to stagnate or recycle ideas. If you're a longtime fan, you will love "Don​’​t Wanna Be You." If you've never heard of Kevin McGovern or The Prostitutes but love raging yet modern punk rock, you too will dig this track. This is the work of an artist who understands that you don't put your name on a piece of music unless it's your absolute best effort. In this case, Kevin has put his actual name on it. 


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