Sunday, May 07, 2023

Heatwaves - Heatwaves #4

Spain's Heatwaves, well-known for their '60s girl group meets new wave pop sound, have been quiet for a few years. But that changes with the release of their new EP, simply titled Heatwaves #4. It arrives four years after Heatwaves #3. And while the time between releases has been long, Heatwaves #4 proves to be well worth the wait. Lead track "Don't Say No," co-written by Luis Sanchez and band pal Kurt Baker, is nothing short of magical. It's a timeless shot of Motown-inspired pop that ought to be the song of the summer (C'mon, the band name is the Heatwaves!). With its infectious beat, majestic hooks, and gorgeous vocal from Ana Beltr├ín, this song sounds instantly familiar yet genuinely fresh. I choose to imagine it emanating from swimming pools, backyard cookouts, beach parties, water parks, sporting events, and car players all across the globe for several months to come. "Take Back," which channels '60s girl groups by way of Blondie, is darn near as good. "Nothing New Under the Sun" has a groovier '60s vibe to it, while "C'est le bonheur" is sublimely upbeat and laden with harmonies to die for. This, my friends, is a record made to be played over and over! 

Heatwaves #4 is available now from Family Spree Recordings. If you love this record (and you will!), be sure to snag the band's Complete Recordings (2017-2020) as well!

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