Monday, May 16, 2022

The Battlebeats - Killed By Boredom

Everyone's favorite Indonesian garage punk band is back with four more shots of blistering punk rock and roll goodness! Out on Otitis Media Records, new 7" Killed By Boredom is the first of several releases due out from The Battlebeats this year. Like the band's previous releases, Killed By Boredom features Andresa Nugraha on vocals, guitar, and drums. While the energy from previous releases remains, this EP finds The Battlebeats sounding more properly produced and less like a bedroom recording project. What results are four tunes that sound like super tough '70s punk rock by way of '50s rock and roll. I've got no complaints about that! Of course Andresa still loves Teengenerate, but you can hear that his influences have broadened. When he started The Battlebeats, he had the perfect concept for a band. But as he's developed as a musician and songwriter, he's found a way for The Battlebeats to progress while remaining a kick-ass garage punk band. What we have here are four totally killer punk tunes, and I'm excited to hear more! Order the vinyl here!

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