Friday, August 31, 2018

Duck & Cover - Rob Them Blind

Duck & Cover's new album is out on Rum Bar Records, and you best steer clear if you're not in the mood to rock! It has been three years since I first reviewed this Charlestown, Massachusetts foursome. I can genuinely say that each new release has been a big step forward. Rob Them Blind is where it all really comes together. Working in the studio with Chris Johnson, Duck & Cover has attained a big, slick sound that's a perfect fit for its hooky hard rock style. The guitars are cranked way up, and Chris Brat on lead vocals sounds like the huge-voiced rock star we already knew he was. As an unapologetic fan of '70s/'80s hard rock and metal, I cannot resist these headbanging-worthy choruses and ripping guitar solos. But what I appreciate about Duck & Cover is how the band also incorporates the influences of glam rock, power pop, and pure sleazy punk. The resulting concoction brings together just about everything I love in rock n' roll. "Live It Up" and "Borrowed Time" make for a formidable 1-2 punch to kick off the album. These are probably D & C's catchiest songs to date, and it's just tremendously satisfying to hear the band coming out of the gates on such a clear mission to rock! Chris and Daniel straight-up shred on dual guitars, and Damien thumps the hell out of those drums! You can hear the band's strong pop chops come through on tracks like "Vacancy" and "Wasted", while the snarling "Touch & Go" is a thundering collision of punk and metal. And even when the band takes the hard rock thing way over the top on "Stand Corrected", I find myself pumping my fist and shouting along with zero irony.

Following through on its previous releases, Duck & Cover has made a loud and proud rock n' roll record in Rob Them Blind. Of course it's well crafted, but first and foremost these fellas understand that rock n' roll ought to be fun to listen to at super loud volumes. Put this album on, crank it up, and enjoy life! With D & C joining the likes of Watts, Kris Rodgers, and Bullet Proof Lovers on the Rum Bar roster, the label's AOR wing is growing into quite the force. Lou, when can we expect the arena tour?!



Greg said...

Not sure why, but these guys always remind me of Hanoi Rocks with some Kiss thrown in there.

Lord Rutledge said...

Now that's some high praise! And I totally agree!