Wednesday, October 05, 2016

New from Girlsville: The Wild Angels comp!

This coming Saturday is International Cassette Store Day. As was the case last year, Girlsville is releasing an absolutely killer compilation tape to commemorate the occasion! It's called The Wild Angels - which has to be one of the coolest comp titles of all-time! At just ten songs, it's a much leaner affair than last year's 24-track blockbuster Stupid Punk Boy. But for sure, it's equally great! Being that this is Girlsville, you know you're getting a really awesome mix of garage trash, girl bands, '60s/Brit Invasion worship, and straight-up rippin' punk. And there's no filler to be found!

The Wild Angels features a number of returning favorites from Stupid Punk Boy. "I'm A Mess" is yet another unreleased scorcher from the late, great Prissteens, and I'm totally loving Purple Wizard's rendition of the Shirelles/Yardbirds standard "Putty (In Your Hands)". The Teamsters return with the spot-on '64 Kinks stylings of "Sharp Suited S.O.A.G.", while The Red Cords' "Box" is great raw punky garage with a distinctly Brit feel. The comp could have ended right there, and I would have been a happy camper. But, wait! There's more! How about the legendary Primitives (!) covering The Aislers Set's "Been Hiding"? As you'd expect, it's sheer indie pop bliss! City Slang, one of my favorite new bands of the moment, contributes the Detroit/Aussie punk face-melter "Aint the Way". And Cheap Tissue's "Up My Sleeve" is the kind of gloriously trashed-out punk rock n' roll that I just don't hear enough of these days. I was not previously familiar with Murph and the Gazorpos, but I will be following the band closely after getting totally knocked out by the infectious rockin' power pop of "You Did It". Seriously: this song makes me want to jump around like a maniac and dance until I drop! Exploding Hearts fans, lend me your ears!

If you didn't know it already, Girlsville is a label worth checking out! That Prissteens rarities comp is a must-have, and next year the label will be issuing a Purple Wizard singles collection (oh my god I can't wait!). Also be on the lookout for new stuff on Girslville from Mr. Airplane Man - who make an appearance on The Wild Angels unveiling a new tune they recorded with Greg Cartwright. If you're not a cassette person, please note that The Wild Angels is also available digitally for just seven bucks. Look for the cassette starting Saturday at fine retailers like Fond Object (Nashville), Bric A Brac Records (Chicago), Jigsaw Records (Seattle), Wax Trax Records (Denver), and Nerve Centre Records (Falmouth, UK)!


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