Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Teen-Age Vice!

Back with three more blasts of their "wild 'n' frantic teen-age rock n' roll", Portland's No Tomorrow Boys are burning hotter than ever. And with an LP on the way, these cats are poised to tear up the F & L charts this summer!

Out on Eli's Mile High Records, Teen-Age Vice is the best release The No Tomorrow Boys have delivered to date. They're still combining supercharged '50s rock n' roll with the primitive whomp of bands like The Sonics and the crackling ferocity of all those '90s garage-punk greats. But they've definitely kicked their racket up to the next level. Their take on Neil Sedaka's 1959 hit "I Go Ape" is an absolute ripper of a tune propelled by a feral lead vocal and an irresistible backbeat. It sounds a little like early Saints by way of Eddie Cochran - they sure ain't lying about the "wild 'n' frantic" thing! "Other Girls" brings a different kind of energy - it's more of an upbeat dance floor number to get you up and moving. It'll put a jolt into your system and leave a melody dancing in your head. Even Ace Face would have to admit that these rockers have got it going on.

Seriously: if this record doesn't "do it" for you, I'm not sure you and I can be friends. The No Tomorrow Boys do what few other bands can genuinely pull off - being faithful to the sound and spirit of early rock n' roll while still making it fresh for today's punk/garage fans. Sometimes I wonder: what is the difference between "timeless" and "retro"? And I think what it is is quality. When rock n' roll is delivered with this much passion and conviction, and the songs are this good, you don't care whether it was recorded 55 years ago or 55 days ago. You just crank up the volume and savor the thrill of being alive. Bring on that album, guys!


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