Friday, October 07, 2011

O Canada!

In honor of the beginning of hockey season (an event always worth celebrating through the imbibing of hearty adult beverages from north of the border), I will briefly and without elaboration list my top ten Canadian punk bands of all-time. Here goes:

10. Modernettes (Vancouver)
9. The Hanson Brothers (Vancouver)
8. Chixdiggit (Calgary)
7. The Viletones (Toronto)
6. The Spaceshits (Montreal)
5. The Subhumans (Vancouver)
4. Forgotten Rebels (Hamilton)
3. Pointed Sticks (Vancouver)
2. Teenage Head (Hamilton)
1. D.O.A. (Vancouver)

Not bad, eh? Yeah, I know The Diodes are great too. They would have been #11.

Go Flyers!

- L.R.


Lord Rutledge said...

High honorable mentions: Young Canadians, Demics, The Nils.

Greg said...

Great list!

Anonymous said...

No love for SNFU?

Anonymous said...

even though they are not great you know i wanna see the b-girls mentioned(ha ha)!hey can you email me !
later! this blog is cool i just discover it! Travis ramin

gunther said...

The last touring band I saw was from Winnipeg. They're called Boats, and the 15 or so people inside 37th And Zen this past Sunday were treated to a brainy mix of pop, humor and heart. If The New Pornographers were more like They Might Be Giants, you'd get something akin to Boats. I posted two songs on the B.A.G. wall. Spin 'em on your way to Tim Horton's.

Lord Rutledge said...

Good call, Travis Ramin! I totally should have remembered the B Girls!

Lord Rutledge said...

Would you believe I've only been to a Tim Horton's once in my entire life? Had a bagel from the drive-thru on the way from Toldeo to South Bend.