Thursday, October 20, 2011

Great Band You Forgot: The Pink Lincolns

Having cut my zine-making teeth in the mid-‘90s, I often get nostalgic for the punk music of that time period. Those were great times to be writing about music! One band that was awesome in the mid-‘90s and never really got its due acclaim was the Pink Lincolns out of Tampa. Somehow they got lumped into that whole Screeching Weasel/Queers scene, but really there was nothing “pop” about the Lincolns’ brand of punk. If you like straight-up old school punk rock with a nasty edge, check out this classic from the band’s 1988 debut album:

Way closer to early Black Flag than it is to The Ramones, eh?! And here’s my all-time fave P.L. cut, from their ‘90s heyday:

A veritable monster of a track (no pun intended)! These guys ruled in the late '80s and '90s. Remember great albums like Suck and Bloat and Pure Swank? That shit was gold. As far as I know, this band never broke up. So maybe we haven't heard the last of the Pink Lincolns!

- L.R.


gunther said...

Miami has The Crumbs. Tampa has Pink Lincolns. Got one for Jacksonville?

Lord Rutledge said...

.38 Special!

gunther said...

That'll work!

Greg said...

Never forgot this band. Another one of several underrated bands. Love!