Sunday, September 02, 2018

Ruler - "Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie"

I'm gonna make this quick. If I screwed around for a couple weeks trying to compose a "proper" write-up of Ruler's new single, the thing would be sold out before the review even posted! Suffice it to say, this second outing from Fink's new band is a sizzling slab of rock n' roll and an absolute must-buy. On the A-side, Ruler tears into the Eddie Cochran classic "Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie". This version is very much in the spirit of the original, but with that unique Rat Fink vocal treatment. Raw and raucous rock n' roll: what could be better?! On the flip, "(It's Not) Saturday Night" is a Grade A mid-tempo groover. I'm still trying to get a handle on where Ruler fits in relation to Fink's other bands. The first single had somewhat of a '70s punk feel. "(It's Not) Saturday Night" finds the band leaning more to the rock n' roll side of things, but still with those strong pop hooks that defined The Raydios. "Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie" would not sound out of place on a comp of Teengenerate singles. All I can say for sure is that Fink has been making some of the best records of his life in the last few years. That very much continues with this single. It's limited to just 250 copies, so grab it while you can from Secret Mission Records!


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