Friday, September 07, 2018

Indonesian Junk - Darkness Calling

Darkness Calling is one hell of a fine title for Indonesian Junk's new EP. And that's because "dark" seems to be the most apt description for these latest songs Daniel has written. Yet in typical IndoJunk fashion, they're all dark in entirely different ways! Lead track "When I Find You" represents my very favorite kind of dark - that being dark humor. Musically, this is one is as poppy and upbeat as it gets. And therein lies its genius. If you're going to write a song about the immense satisfaction of violent revenge, you might as well make it supremely joyful! Why not sing a happy tune on the way to smashing someone's face in? I imagine this song is a huge favorite at Indonesian Junk live shows. It's a true anthem! The KISS cover "C'mon And Love Me" is a brief break from the darkness theme. This version gives you an idea of what KISS might have sounded like if they'd more fully embraced their love for the New York Dolls and Dictators. Truly a ripping rendition! Getting back to the gloom, "I Could Die" is an intense confessional that brings mind a time in history when punk and Goth were closely intertwined. You can just feel the ache in Daniel's vocals! To finish, "See The Light" has a grimy Stooges feel and gnaws on your senses for nearly five minutes. It's definitely a rocker, but there's a creepiness to it that lurks just below the surface.

Coming off a brilliant sophomore LP Stars In The Night that cracked my 2017 top ten, Indonesian Junk keeps the momentum going with this fantastic EP. This is some of Daniel's strongest material yet - touching on his numerous influences yet still bearing his distinctive style. Highly recommended!



Javier Iglesias said...

Wuauuuhhhh a killer track !!!! thank's L.R. !!!.

Javier Iglesias said...

Wuauuuuuh a killer Track !!! Thank's L.R. !!!