Thursday, February 2, 2017

The return of Psychotic Youth!!!

So I've been buried in school work the last few weeks and just haven't had time to keep the reviews flowing. But I've got to take a moment to mention the arrival of a new album from Sweden's legendary Psychotic Youth. The Voice of Summer is the band's first new album since Stereoids was released on Bomp! Records over 18 years ago. That's right: a child born on the release date of Stereoids would now be a legal adult! I consider Stereoids to be an all-time top ten power pop LP, and The Voice of Summer is a more than worthy follow-up. Let me tell you: there's nothing more welcome in the dead of winter than an album celebrating summertime fun! This is vintage Psychotic Youth: high-energy power pop with one foot in punk and the other in garage rock. What's not to love?! The Voice of Summer is available now in Japan on Waterslide Records, with a vinyl release due soon on the venerable Screaming Apple Records. Check it out!


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