Thursday, February 23, 2017

New single from Sugar & Tiger!

Welcome to the first of what should be many reviews of releases from Jarama 45RPM Recs! A new label out of Madrid, Jarama 45RPM has a clear and simple mission: "strictly 7" vinyl, strictly 45 rpm records,
and strictly hit singles". The world of punk/garage/power pop, being so well suited to the singles format, needs more labels like this! For my first post on Jarama 45RPM, I turn my attention to a terrific band out of Paris called Sugar & Tiger. Isn't that pretty much the best name ever for a poppy punk rock band?! Florence Vicha (lead vocals) is Sugar, and Didier Wampas (guitar) is Tiger. The sound is just what I like: the best elements of punk and pop mixed together thoroughly and let loose with maximum enthusiasm. True to the label's promise, "(God Save) Linda Ramone" is a stone cold hit. You'd have to be a miserable human to not love this! And the fact that the lyrics are sung in French only make it cooler! On the flip, "La Perruque Rose" is another great track that reminds me quite a bit of early Muffs. I am thrilled to discover this band, and you will be too if you're a fan of The Ramones, Dahlmanns, etc.! I highly recommend heading on over to Facebook and liking the Jarama 45RPM Recs. page. This is a label you're going to want to follow closely!


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