Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Meet Murph and the Gazorpos!

Hey, let's talk pop! I vowed to keep a close eye on Murph and the Gazorpos after hearing the Falmouth, UK band for the first time on that fantastic new Girlsville comp. When it comes to me and Murph and the Gazorpos, it was love at first listen! It's not every day that I come across power pop with enormous hooks, caffeinated punk energy, and a real rock n' roll edge. This band is on to something special! Singer/guitarist Murph is Charlie Murphy - who also plays in The Red Cords and runs Nerve Centre Records. Unbeknownst to me, the band's first EP came out in April. Arriving hot on its heels is a brand new EP called A Little Reaction - which you can currently stream over at!

With Murph's Red Cords band mate Matt Cleave along for the ride on drums, it's no surprise that Murph and the Gazorpos pack a little more oomph than is usual for a power pop band. Essentially A Little Reaction is catchy-as-hell pop bashed out with the fury and raw energy of garage punk. I can hear the influence of everyone from King Louie to Nick Lowe to Gentlemen Jesse to those numerous Good Vibrations Records greats. Leadoff track "What Do I Do" has got everything you could want in a power pop song: a melody you can whistle all day, lyrics that cut to the core of heartbreak, a beat you can't resist dancing to, and lead guitar work that would make Dave Edmunds holler in delight. And "You Did It", which I just raved about last week, gets my vote for power pop song of the year!

A Little Reaction is available from Super Fan 99 in a super-limited (only 30 copies worldwide!) 5" square vinyl and cassette bundle. Download should be available soon from the Nerve Centre Bandcamp. I think I might have a new favorite band!


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