Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Meet Sore Points!

And again we've got an incredible new punk rock band from Canada! Sore Points hail from Vancouver and have recently released a demo which was recorded in just four days. And let me tell you, the thing is red hot! The trio plays blistering rockin' punk that reminds me a little of the Zero Boys or Vancouver legends DOA. With 7 of 8 tracks clocking in at under two minutes, there's no messing around here. These guys go hard and fast, leaving a trail of melted faces in their path. You could easily have fooled me into believing this demo was dug up from a 1980 time capsule. The sound is raw in entirely the best way, and the style is a real throwback to a time when punk and hardcore were still the same thing. Cassette copies are already gone, but a free download over at Bandcamp is not to be missed! This is the punk band that everyone will be talking about in 2017. But why wait until then?!



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