Friday, October 9, 2015

Devious Ones' debut single!

When I first reported on Detroit's Devious Ones early this year, I had the feeling I had stumbled upon one of the best up-and-coming punk bands out there. By all accounts, this band completely kills it live. And now Devious Ones have a debut 7" to their name - released on East Grand Record Co! The record is called "I'm Allergic To You", and it's a total smasher. Devious Ones play a style of music that you just don't hear enough of these days - straight-up non-hyphenated punk rock! The title cut is a great example of how to play catchy punk rock with plenty of balls. On the B-side, "Synchronize Or Vaporize" is hard-driving and tuneful - bringing to mind the classic punk sounds of the late '70s and early '80s. You may know some of these guys from their other bands (Amado is in Bump-N-Uglies and Bill Bondsmen; Dougie is in The Putz). But heading into 2016, Devious Ones will be a name everyone ought to know in the punk world. These guys are a fine addition to Detroit's proud legacy of killer punk rock. More music from these guys is high on my wish list for next year!


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