Friday, October 2, 2015

New Fashionism 7"!

In less than three months, I will officially announce my favorite new band of 2015. I envision a parade, a formal speech, and perhaps a cash prize. I have not yet identified the winner, but I can say that Fashionism is one of the front-runners. Early this year, I totally freaked for the band's debut 7". Now we have single #2 from Fashionism, and of course it's fantastic! It's called "Quit Looking At The Time", and it's out on the venerable Zaxxon Records.

To summarize: Fashionism is the latest band from Jeff McCloy (The Tranzmitors). He's joined by members of The Jolts and New Town Animals - making Fashionism somewhat of a Vancouver powerpop/punk super-group. Think The Tranzmitors with more of a glam influence. What I like about the new record is that it shows two sides to Fashionism. "Quit Looking At The Time" picks up where the last record left off - coming on with a rush of pure energy and delivering a chorus that you won't be able to stop singing. That hook is unstoppable, and the rockin' guitars are a killer touch. If this song doesn't have you jumping around like a maniac, I may have to demand a doctor's note! On the B-side, "We've Got It Wrong" slows the pace and comes in more on the new wave/power pop side. It still packs a punch, but it manages to capture a sense of despair and longing that really tugs at the heartstrings. It's the perfect pop contrast to the '77 punk jolt of the A-side. You could easily slot it on your next mix in between the Buzzcocks and Exploding Hearts. And how great are those backing vocals?!

Without simply rehashing what worked so well on its debut 7", Fashionism has come through with a crowd-pleasing second single. "Quit Looking At The Time" is the band's catchiest song yet, and "We've Got It Wrong" is beautifully crafted power pop. This band is the real deal. I eagerly await a full album!


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