Friday, August 13, 2021

Hayley and the Crushers - "She Drives"

A new single release from Hayley and the Crushers is always a blessed event! Out now on Josie Cotton's Kitten Robot Records, "She Drives" continues the band's amazing run of recent singles which began last summer. While all devotees of the Crusherverse (me included) are eagerly awaiting a new full-length album, the single format really suits this band well. I love digging into one song at a time and savoring every note. I'm reluctant to invoke that dirty word "maturing", but I'll at least say that Hayley and the Crushers are growing in their craft and getting better with each new release. And it certainly doesn't hurt to work with a legendary producer like Paul Roessler! One aspect of this band that's sometimes underrated is what a tremendous writer Hayley Cain is. Anytime I see any of her music-related articles, I find myself wishing I could write like that! She brings that exceptional way with words to her lyrics as well. Musically, "She Drives" is a sunny shot of new wave pop that could easily be slotted on a playlist between The Go-Go's and Holly and the Italians. It's a super fun tune, and the music video is an absolute hoot! But lyrically, this is a song full of heart and substance. It's a very serious reflection on how we can never outrun (or outdrive) our problems as much as we may try...and inevitably we do try! 

"She Drives" is available now from all of your favorite carriers of digital music. Crank it loud while you enjoy what remains of the summer. Behold the majesty or Dr. Cain rocking the glockenspiel! And yes indeed, a new Crushers album is currently in the works!

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