Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Short Fuses - "The Pink"

They're back! 16 years after The Short Fuses called it a day, they have returned with a new single that teases the shortly forthcoming full-length Dawn of the Deaf. It's not like the individuals in this band haven't kept busy over the past decade and a half. There's not enough time in the day to adequately review the musical resumes of Travis Ramin and Miss Georgia Peach. And Justin Staggs has done wonderful things as a filmmaker and painter. But something special happens when these three get together to play rock n' roll. The Short Fuses' reunion has produced the band's most ferocious material to date, and these two new songs ought to whet your appetite for the monster LP that is soon to come. Inspired in part by 2016 election rage and in part by Travis needing to cleanse his musical palette after working on so much power pop stuff, this incarnation of The Short Fuses is a pure rock n' roll experience. The trio sounds fired-up and focused, and they've really pulled out all of the stops to ensure that faces will be melted. These songs were produced by Daniel Rey, mixed By Adrian Popovich (Tricky Woo), and mastered by Geza X. Now that's a lot of star power! Not surprisingly, the band sounds awesome. "The Pink" is thundering heavy rock a la MC5/Hellacopters. The riffs are mighty, the leads are screaming, and Georgia belts it out big time on vocals. If you love a song you can wail along with on air guitar, this track will have you in your glory. On the B-side, the band really picks up the speed with the scorching "Furiosa". This one is all fire and fury, and it's the perfect rallying cry for 2019. I've got plenty more to say, but I'm saving that for the album review. Ladies and gentlemen, THIS IS HOW YOU ROCK!


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Gooboy Quisp said...

Wow Josh do you know what an awesome surprise this was?! It's amazing to hear Georgia's voice STILL as strong after all these years. Don't know if you knew this but back in the early 2000's my ex-wife and me were good friends with Travis and Georgia. We had always talked about making plans to come visit each other but it just never happened. The Short Fuses will ALWAYS remain one of my favorite Punk Rock & Roll bands ever. Can't even believe there's gonna be a new album after all this time.