Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Dark Thoughts - At Work

When it comes to the best present-day punk bands, Dark Thoughts are up there near the top. The band's 2016 debut album managed to breathe new life into Ramones-inspired punk rock while still remaining entirely faithful to the style. That's almost impossible to do, but somehow these guys pulled it off! Dare I say they've followed it up with an even better record?! The band's second album At Work is out on Drunken Sailor Records, and it doesn't stray far from what worked so well last time. If you're looking for a "progression", well I suppose you could note that a whopping four of these tracks inch past the two-minute mark. But essentially, this is Dark Thoughts doing what Dark Thoughts does so well. I'm talking buzzsaw punk rock with hooks that stick to your skull like glue. As always, the band knows how to get in and out before you have the chance to get bored. And while there are certainly a few nods to the mighty Ramones, Dark Thoughts add enough of their own thing to avoid sounding like just another clone. A lot of that comes down to these fellas knowing how to write damn good songs! Dark Thoughts don't take themselves very seriously, but you'll find some surprising lyrical substance if you pay close attention. At Work is the kind of album that you'll put on, enjoy the hell out of, and immediately want to hear again as soon as it's over. In what is turning into an epic summer for LPs, this one is as essential as any!


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mickfletcher said...

awesome band, great record but for me the debut edges it.