Friday, September 22, 2017

The Geros - Razor Dog

Having released singles from the likes of The Raydios, Louder, and Car Crash, Secret Mission Records has provided the tremendous public service of bringing much of the best in current-day Japanese punk rock to American shores. That continues with the label's latest release - an absolute smasher from Osaka that blends '77 and Killed By Death punk styles in a way that's fully unique to Japanese bands. The band is The Geros, and "Razor Dog" is its second single following a self-released debut from 2015. In my humble opinion, "Razor Dog" is in the "best Secret Mission single ever" conversation along side The Raydios' "Teacher's Pet". The title track absolutely rips - coming on loud and raw with an edge jagged enough to draw blood. In terms of pure wild energy, this song gives me the same kind of rush I got when I first heard Teengenerate and The Registrators back in the day. Major points must also be awarded for the back and forth shouting between male and female vocalists - something I particularly enjoy in the garage punk world. On the B-side, "Don't Call Me" takes a dark, surf-inspired turn that I was not expecting. But I mean that in a good way. Imagine, if you will, a demented version of California punk rock circa 1980.

With two fantastic singles to their credit, The Geros look to be at the front and center of the next great wave of Japanese garage punk. While super limited to just 200 copies here in the states, "Razor Dog" is still available from Secret Mission as well as from fine distributors like Sorry State and Slovenly. You can also download the digital version of The Geros' first EP from Bandcamp for just ¥300 (less than $3 American). Get ready to crank up the volume and have your ears blasted!


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