Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Song Premiere: Indonesian Junk- "Stars"

One of my most highly anticipated album releases for 2017 was Indonesian Junk's second LP Stars In The Night. It's coming out next month on Rum Bar Records, and I have to say that it's everything I hoped it would be. Three tracks, "I'll Run Away", "Turn To Stone", and "Why Did I Call You?", have already been premiered in advance of the album. Today I am delighted to premiere a fourth track from what will surely be one of the year's finest albums. Indonesian Junk's lead man Daniel James describes "Stars" as "kind of a post apocalyptic love song that takes place in a reality somewhere in between Mad Max and Batman: No Man's Land." Says James: "It's about two people whose love is like a light shining in the darkness which is the world around them. They're two stars in the night. Musically it's kind of influenced by the Jacobites. David (our former drummer, who played on the track) and I were lucky enough to get to play in Nikki Sudden's band briefly before he passed away, so the song is also sort of a tribute to him."

Stars In the Night is set for an October 13th release on Rum Bar Records and will deliver another head-bobbing mix of glam, power pop, and gritty '70s punk. Malibu Lou has been talking up this release to me for months, and I can assure you that he's had good reason. I have had the good fortune of following this Milwaukee trio's progression from that first raw demo to its home-recorded debut album to this home run of a sophomore LP. Stars In the Night is definitely a little more pop than its predecessor. But I'm talking "pop" as in The Only Ones or Stiv Bators. I'll post a proper review in a couple weeks. In the meantime, give "Stars" a listen right now. And if you haven't already checked out "I'll Run Away", "Turn To Stone", and "Why Did I Call You?", head on over to Rum Bar's Bandcamp. There you can stream those tunes and pre-order the album!



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