Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New stuff from Devious Ones!

Hark! I have news from the land of Devious Ones! I have been a huge fan of this band since "Stylus To Speaker" first appeared on-line early last year. These guys are the hottest thing to come out of Detroit in a number of years and one of the best up-and-coming bands in the entire garage/punk/powerpop universe. I reviewed the group's debut single back in October, and today I'd like to mention two new Devious Ones releases that you really need to hear! Both were recorded with Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders and sound freaking awesome! First up is the band's second 7" - the long awaited vinyl release of "Stylus To Speaker". Since this song is the band's love letter to all of those classic punk records that bring joy to our lives, it's appropriate that you can now hear it on an actual record! As a bonus, it's backed by an A-side worthy track in "Tuberculosis". I'm tempted to say that "Tuberculosis" is the best Devious Ones song yet - a gloriously stupid '77 style thumper that brings to mind legendary So-Cal punks The Simpletones. You'll be singing (and coughing) along before you even get through the first spin! Copies of the 45 are available from Devious Ones' Bandcamp as well as distributors like Dead Beat and Sorry State Records. 

Also new from Devious Ones is a seven-song tape out on the venerable indie label Peterwalkee Records. Don't have a cassette player? This release is also available as a digital download from Peterwalkee's Bandcamp. The secret weapon for any great punk band is an outstanding drummer, and Dougie Tangent definitely propels these seven blistering cuts of power pop inflected old school punk. If you like your punk rock with a lot of melody and just as much punch, songs like "Little Intruder" and "Bust You In The Lip" should be right up your alley. Amado Guadarrama is quickly becoming one of my favorite guitar players, and his lead work on this release is absolutely stellar. Having eagerly awaited new material from Devious Ones for several months, I am thrilled to dig into a whole slew of killer new tunes from these guys! And I love the band's cover of The Rings' 1977 punk smasher "I Wanna Be Free"!

Well-established as one of The Motor City's must-see live acts, Devious Ones now seem poised for world-wide domination. Bring on a full album!


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