Monday, August 10, 2015

Ravagers rip it up!

The one thing I've learned from doing this blog is that it's impossible for me to know about all of the great music that's out there. Sometimes I'll "discover" a band that's already been killing it for several years, and it makes me feel like an idiot! Take Ravagers. Here's this amazing band operating less than 60 miles from my house, sounding like the new millennium's Dead Boys. Sounds like something I should know about, right? Well, somehow I missed the boat on a phenomenal EP called Livin In Oblivion that dates back to 2013. Woops! To atone for my failures, I hope to be one of the first from the blog ranks to herald the arrival of the new Ravagers EP. It's called Natural Instinct, and it's out on Rock&Rule Records. Rock& Rule is a new label from the makers of Pork magazine. If this label was hoping to launch itself with a bang, Ravagers were the perfect choice for a debut release! This EP absolutely rips!

Hailing from the great city of Baltimore, Ravagers play a dirty, street-hard brand of punk rock n' roll that combines pure aggression with a strong sense of melody. Natural Instinct blasts off with a couple of all-out smashers in "Just Another Rat" and the completely ferocious title track. If you like your punk music with a whiff of danger and mean street attitude, this is the noise you've been craving! Subsequent tracks like "Termination" and "Lost Cause" slow down the pace a little but hit just as hard. If you're a Dead Boys/Thunders/Stooges freak like me or dig newer bands such as The Disconnects, you ought to be majorly pumped for a sonic kick in the teeth from Ravagers. This, my friends, is first class sleaze! And if you missed out on Livin In Oblivion like I did, that's a completely essential purchase as well. Get on it!


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