Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, The Sweet Things!

When it comes to sleazy rock n' roll inspired by the Rolling Stones & Johnny Thunders, I can never get enough. I wish there were more bands doing that sort of thing these days. The Sweet Things are a new band out of New York City who totally nail that style. Over the years, I have raved about guitarist Lorne Behrman's previous bands the Dimestore Haloes and The Dead Tricks. Without a doubt, he's one of my favorite lead guitarists. Recently he teamed up with vocalist/guitarist Dave Tierney (Sharp Lads) to form The Sweet Things. Veteran NYC players Sam Hariss (Stiletto, The Kee Kartel, and The Bowery Boys) and Darren Fried (Mazard, Tongue) round out a formidable lineup on bass and drums. Bridging the gap between the classic rock (Faces/Black Crowes/Izzy Stradlin) and trashy punk (Joneses/New York Dolls) sides of Keith Richards worship, The Sweet Things are a real treat for anyone who loves guitar-centric rock n' roll with a whiff of booze. Tierney and Behrman lead the way with their raunchy riffs and hot licks. And with songs running in the neighborhood of 4-5 minutes, these two have ample opportunity to rock out good and proper! Beyond that, these guys definitely know how to write a good rock n' roll song. And I love that Tierney's voice sounds like the product of too many years of drinking, smoking, and generally unclean living. The Sweet Things have been taking their recordings directly to their fans via YouTube. They've posted three songs so far, and it's all great stuff. The brand new "Cocaine Asslicker Blues" is their best song yet. It's got a little bit of a harder edge to it, which I totally dig. And Tierney delivers a great snarling vocal. You'll wanna crank up the volume and blast this bad boy until the walls shake! If AC/DC had made a baby with The Heartbreakers, it would have sounded a lot like this. 

You can check out The Sweet Things' songs below. If you enjoy what you hear, like these guys on Facebook to stay up to date with the newest sensations in NYC rock n' roll!  


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