Monday, July 20, 2015

Here's Car Crash!

While the Japanese garage/punk scene is running hotter than ever, it has been trending more in the power pop direction in recent years. But there are exceptions. One is Car Crash - a new trio with a debut 7" out on Mangrove and Secret Mission Records. Car Crash plays pure punk rock with not even a trace of power pop. This band really takes it back to the glory days of Teengenerate and the Registrators: blown-out fidelity, a deranged singer shouting unintelligible lyrics, lead guitars sharp enough to draw blood, ultra-exuberant backing vocals, and songs played so crazy fast that you'd swear the entire band has been gobbling amphetamines like they're M&M'S. The band name says it all. This is a motor vehicle careening out of control at a highly dangerous speed - with complete destruction the inevitable outcome. And while it's impressive enough that these three can play so fast and recklessly without songs falling apart within 30 seconds, the more important point is that they're so freaking good!

If you're one of those individuals who's dismayed by how polished and proficient most punk bands are these days, Car Crash ought to be much more to your liking. This is a band that embraces one of punk rock's fundamental truths: that enthusiasm and sheer fury matter way more than technical skill. Limited to 200 copies, the "Bright Future?" 7" is blistering, chaotic fun. "Execution" and "I Don't Care" will set your hair on fire before you even know what hit you. The title track is more of a straight-up '70s style punk smasher - but with elements of weirdness & noise damage that make it uniquely Japanese. Simply put, this is exciting music. "Bright Future?" is the kind of record you just have to play with the volume cranked to neighbor-annoying levels. If you worship at the altar of Killed By Death or yearn for the heyday of Japanese lo-fi trash, this is a 100 percent mandatory purchase. Grab a copy before they're all gone!


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