Friday, August 22, 2014

Hail, hail, The Great Dismal Swamis!

Fuck YES! Just as I was lamenting the dearth of quality bands today playing straight-up snotty punk rock n' roll, the latest 7" from Norfolk's Great Dismal Swamis has exploded onto my radar as if by divine providence. Those of you who were around in the late '90s and early 2000s will recall just how hot that Virginia garage/punk rock n' roll scene was back in the day. Featuring members of such bands as the Candy Snatchers, Big Bobby & The Nightcaps, and The Hydeouts, The Great Dismal Swamis more than live up to their impressive pedigree on the four-song rager Phantom Toolbooth. This record immediately takes me back to a time when bands like The Stitches, Prostitutes, and (of course!) Candy Snatchers ruled the earth. I like punk music that hits me hard in the mouth yet still has a rock n' roll undercurrent to it - and that's why the Swamis have blown my ass away. Yeah, man! This is THE STUFF! "Box Wine Bitches" sets fire to my eardrums with a perfect mix of ripping '77 punk n' roll and Estrus/Crypt garage trash. "I Wanna Get Ripped" could easily pass for some obscure Killed By Death classic. I can't really find suitable words to convey how much this record rules. Just listen and discover for yourself! I'd say we definitely need more bands these days like The Great Dismal Swamis - and more vocalists like Jason Rowland! Don't miss out, folks! 


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